Every Full Moon the Sun and the Moon are in opposition. Energies have been culminating, are at a peak and a ready and ripe to be integrated and to be brought into greater balance.
Mercury is finally out of its retrograde shadow phase. Now the messages and movements are swift, aligned and what we have integrated and re-membered in a more static phase during the last 7 weeks can dynamically move through us… A new courage is born, an urge to walk our path of truth and innate knowing that we are the path…
On this Full Moon the Sun shares the light with Venus, our inner urge to beautify within and without, to know ourselves as nature in her fullest glory. Every 9 months the Goddess meets the Sun and in the sign of Leo there is just so much heart energy, creative tension, passion, and an overwhelming knowing who we are at our core.
Juno, the asteroid of sacred marriage and relationships joins this fiery and initiatory stellium. What is love and what is love not? What is important to us in our relationships and how do we define ourselves within the ship of relations?
Aquarius asks us to be authentic, to individuate and we feel the breath of air that is required to emerge and create our own reality within a healthy and loving frame of detachment so that we can let our unique freak flag fly high without ridding ourselves of relationships.
With Mercury in Leo we may wish to share our deep heart felt feelings with our loved ones, create a sacred space, gather around the hearth where we feel nurtured, safe and vulnerable.
Aquarius is very social and simultaneously needs the space to create, to channel divine foresight for the greatest good of all.
In a week’s time the Sun, Venus and Mars will conjoin in the very early degrees of Virgo where we will know how to shine our light onto our greatest excitements and put our plans into action. With Virgo we are of service to ourselves and to others, dedicated, putting in the hours, reborn like a phoenix out of the ashes into more solid grounds of manifestations, honouring nature within and without.
With retrograde Saturn and the South Node in Capricorn until early October we might be working extra long hours for long term success.

Enjoy this Full Moon, gaze at the Sun, feel the warmth, the life force, the strength, the heat and how our hearts resonate with compassion, passion and sexual energies… Fun loving, ripe and ready…

Let us drink and share the elixir of love and life and burn our stories in the eternal loving fires….

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