The Sun and the Moon are joining in the early degrees of Libra, the 7th zodiacal sign of harmony, beauty, equilibrium and ‘The Other’.
Currently the luminaries, Sol and Luna together with the personal planets Venus and Mercury join the dance of divine sovereignty as Venus rejoices herself in her own domain.
The Moon and Venus embody the ‘Anima’, the feminine archetype; the Moon being the mother and wise woman while Venus representing ‘the other’, lover, sister, and equal. With Venus and Mercury in conjunction we may feel into our early shaping of relationship patterns with siblings and peers. Do the relationships we are in now represent old conditioned ways of relating? Where do our responses and reactions stem from?

We are reminded that we are in relationship to and with every thing. Venus in Libra beautifies, her intellect is sharp, she has an eye for detail and the heartfelt love that goes into a piece of art. Venus and Mercury might join at the dinner table sharing a beautiful meal… as long as Mercury doesn’t ask too many questions…

This New Moon might stir and shake us a little. We may feel some discomfort with the planetoid Chiron in Aries opposing the Sun and Moon during their ‘tete-a-tete’ while sauntering through the local art gallery.
The most important question might be “What is my relationship with myself”? How much value do I put upon myself and how do my outer relationships reflect my inner world?
Chiron in Aries encourages us to be honest and vulnerable, reflect upon our journey of becoming more of who we truly are. We have done a lot of inner work, we may feel a sense of renewal and what we want now may no longer match the wallpaper we picked six months ago. It’s ok, it is necessary and so very healing to step into our truth, our sovereignty where we are the midpoint of the inner and the outer.
What is it that I want in the here and now? How would I like to assert myself and walk my unique beauty way?
Libra can be a people pleaser, creator and creatrix of co-dependent scenarios… ‘peace for any price’ could be one of Libra’s mantras.

During this New Moon we might become more aware of our power, beauty and sovereign essence urging us to step into our own mental equilibrium.
New aspects of self are coming through, we are different now and we might feel some fear of expressing who we truly are. What beliefs and perceptions might we still hold onto that prevent us from a divine homecoming?
Our kindred spirits are here right now, supporting us to shine our light first and foremost onto ourselves so that we can be the path rather than looking outside.
As We change so do our relationships. We are nature, the cyclical nature of every-thing and no-thing.
Are we ready to share ourselves with an other? We might feel some push and pull energies during this New Moon.
With Libra the power of choice is emphasised, and we are always in choice!
It can help to consciously say “No” and “Yes”, knowing that this is coming from our essence where we no longer doubt ourselves, where we just know….

If nothing else works we can always resort to a most charming passive aggressive attitude. You know what I mean right? 😜🌹

“Charm is the way of getting the answer YES without having asked any clear questions” ~ Albert Camus ~

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