Birthing courage through our vulnerability and being courageously (core-rageously) vulnerable

This New Moon is in the sign of Cancer and therefore we have a double or better a triple whammy. The crab’s ruler is the Lunar Goddess and the waters and energies are truly in motion urging to be acknowledged and gently released. Does this sound big enough news to you? It truly is a beautiful, very intense, emotional, truthful, vulnerable (if we have the courage☺), and heartfelt New Moon.
During a solar eclipse the Sun and the Moon are conjunct. The New Moon occurs near the nodal axis aligning with Earth with the two luminaries (The Sun and the Moon). From the Earth’s vantage point the Moon obscures the light of the Sun, casting a shadow or umbra over a small portion of the Earth. Only from this surface point of the Earth the eclipse is visible.

This New Moon can be bring up deeply rooted feelings, heart breaks and aches.

I would like to refer to two major aspects during this initiatory phase in early July. The Sun and the Moon at 11 degrees of Cancer will make a square aspect to Chiron, the constant reminder of our wound, our seeming separation.
The wound belongs to the greater story of our fate. The Chiron Myth acts as a constant reminder of our vulnerability (Latin Vulnerare = to be wounded, vulnerus = wound).
It is our free will and choice in every moment whether we use the arrow (that was poisoned with the blood of the Hydra) as our remedy or our poison? It is the pharmakon that can either heal or harm. It’s up to us and what we prefer.
Are we willing and excited about filling the divine cracks with gold and silver and allow for deep inner growth and alignment of our Anima and Animus on this New Moon or are we still victim, alone instead of ‘all-one’?
We are asked to re-member the severed parts where we castrated ourselves through fears, parental conditionings, beliefs and perceptions that are not aligned with our essence.
Mars and Mercury in the early degrees of Leo make a beautiful and healing trine with Chiron in Aries.
Do we have the courage to be vulnerable, to live our essence, to be the Fool that is cool with not knowing but follows his excitement no matter what others may say?

This New Moon in Cancer is about the holotropic process of our conception, gestation and the holy birthing process through the birthing canal…. We are undertaking the initiatory journey encouraged and pushed through surges and waves of energy, divine contractions.

The Sun and the Moon are in a holy union; they are equal, mortal and divine forming an alchemical connection. They are as strong as ever and mutually vulnerable, allowing, receiving, surrendering and sharing a love that can bear the pain and the greatest of beauty.

There is no beginning and no end… Every-thing began when no-thing looked itself in the mirror… Let us embody the ouroboros of our eternal consciousness and let us allow Mercury, the psychopomp to take us to our own hearth where we know…

~ May every being be blessed through feeling it and therefore healing it ~