This New Moon is highly charged as it welcomes the Chinese New Year in the sign of the ‘Metal Rat’, ” the first sign in the Chinese Zodiac… The 11th sign in Western Astrology and the 1st sign in Chinese Zodiac form the magic numbers “111”…
111 is the Midpoint, The All that is at the centre of the Mandala where the Macrocosm meets the Microcosm and vice versa.

Every New Moon the Sun and the Moon, the masculine and feminine unite.
The seeds of intention are planted during this time to allow new things into our reality that are beyond the every day and open ourselves to abundant future possibilities.
The sign of Aquarius, the 11th sign of the zodiac is an air sign even though it represents the water bearer. The themes are excitement, inventions, sovereignty, and revolution and living our greatest potential, who I am now and who I wish to become more of.

Aquarius rules the 11th house in the zodiacal wheel. This is the realm where we get together within our tribe, groups of kindred spirits. Even though the energy is very social and is about group we are encouraged to step into our sense of Self, how we are different, uniquely gifted and our individuation process. Here we emerge and see and often Aquarius can shake us up through an ‘emergency’.
Often things happen sudden, unexpected and shake us up and out of our comfort zone and routines. It is about
breakthroughs, living our genius and the frequency the we create. Talking about frequency Aquarius is about sound and vibration and how our own frequency affects our very cells and the frequency we hold and attract outer world situations. Maybe we can check on our frequency, our vibes more often. I don’t mean to be on a high all the time or a certain goal to reach but to be aware and conscious whether our responses come from love or fear and if they are driven by fear maybe pause and allow yourself to just be with whatever arises in the moment.

The energies of this New Moon:

Sol and Lady Luna are squaring Uranus in Taurus.
The energies of the New Moon have been building during the week before the New Moon and are infused by this Sun/Uranus square. The energies are about breaking out and breaking through, shocking, rocking the earth under our feet maybe. We maybe attached to routines, bogged down in the mundane where we might get shaken out a bit, out of our comfort zone…
Everything is here to help and remind us of our true potential. After every little tremor possibilities and solutions arise in order to move forward. It is a breaking free of where we haven’t been able to move especially with the Saturn/Pluto energies of collapsing structures and outworn conditions.

Great healing is opening up throughout the week.

Simultaneously we have Venus approaching a conjunction with dreamy Neptune in Pisces… We need a break, maybe more sleep and little naps. We might ask the Gods and Goddesses for guidance throughout our night dreams as they can be enriched and more vivid around this time, the last week of January. It feels that all the energies that have mounted need to be honoured in a very gentle way with great self compassion and we need to look after our whole well-being. End of January is not a time to push ahead but to flow with a greater sense of self nurture and acceptance. Take a rest when you feel like it and trust your intuition (your inner tuition!)
It is ok to slow down as we are reminded to really look after our bodies in order to remain equilibrium within a world that could feel somewhat exhausting physically, mentally and emotionally at times, especially during the end of January.

Happy New Moon and beginning of the the Metal Rat Year!


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