Astrology based upon the 5 principles by Bashar

How to follow our passion to the best of our abilities with no insistence on any outcome and how the planetary cycles support our path of wholeness…

  1. You exist
  2. Everything is here and now
  3. The one is the all, the all is the one
  4. What you put out is what you get back
  5. Everything changes except the laws

Based upon these laws I would like to show you how Astrology can assist in getting to know Yourself better and where You might experience unconscious resistance in following Your greatest excitement to the best of Your abilities with no insistence on a particular outcome.

If we can follow these laws, look at ourselves in a honest and fierce loving way then we can live Heaven on Earth and know ourselves as the balancing point of all that is.

Those laws are an actual description of the structure of existence.

Everything else is a combination of those ideas and is nothing more than a perspective; a belief or an opinion and that can all be changed.

You exist and you always will. Non-existence by definition does not exist.

You will always be You.

Paradox is the Point of Power…
What seem to be complete opposites come from the same centre. Existence is not a polarity it is a Trinity as there is always a balancing point in the centre… The Mandala

The fantastic thing about astrology is that we can look at our life cycles and progress a chart to let symbols tell our story, our soul’s journey as we grow, as we re-member who we truly are and how we live our greatest potential and how we might struggle to do so. We have everything we need. We are fully equipped in our very existence. Existence means that we are of value and ready to innocently and purely embark on our very unique journey. We have all the houses, the arenas of life, the planets as archetypal expressions, and the signs as in the energies that motivate us.

In astrology the person exists as and at the Centre of their own unique Mandala simultaneously connected to the All or the Macrocosm. The One is The All, the All is the One.

~ May all Beings be blessed ~