“Somewhere beyond the walls of our awareness… the wilderness side, the hunter side, the seeking side of ourselves is waiting to return.”
~ Laurens van der Post ~

It is not the limiting wound, but a wound through which pours the life of God,
A guarantee that after such an experience
a person can never live unaware o
f spiritual reality.
~ John Sandford ~

Chiron behaves very much like a comet. Chiron, the Maverick symbolises the need to be aware of greater messages from beyond. In mythology Chiron represents itself as half man and half horse and its discovery suggests that perhaps the two realms of Form (represented by the planet Saturn) and Spirit (represented by the planet Uranus) may be the Bridge through the awareness that Chiron is appointed to. Chiron’s wound is to the leg; the animal part of Chiron, the part that touches the earth is injured.

It is this laming wound that metaphorically reminds us of a split, a separation between the mortal and the spirit world, the mundane and the divine as well as the collective unconscious, the ‘Weltschmerz’ (‘world-weariness’).

Today’s ingress into Aries starts a new 8-year cycle where we are invited to re-invent ourselves, to get real, feel into our visioning and what we may not be living as yet due to limiting beliefs that we are still holding onto.

We often don’t know our own strength unless we are tested and this is the beginning! We are called to be heroic and forge our own path on our journey even if we don’t know where we are going at this stage. It is about planting the seeds through fierce love and full acceptance of our wholeness.

Sometimes these initiations can bring upon a ‘shamanic rebirth’, surrendering to The All…..


In the sign of Aries we may feel the urge to explore, to go beyond,


Knowing that we are the path may we move into this new phase of greatest potential by


“Acting on our greatest excitement, to the best of our abilities with no insistence on a particular outcome”

And so be it.


Be courageous!! Sometimes COURAGE brings up our CORE RAGE to help transcend our soul wounds and move into a new place of BEING.