What a fore-running couple they are! Jupiter and Venus are opening the gateway into the realm of cosmic consciousness inviting us to connect with our greater calling, taking a leap of faith and knowing of our worth and sacred path that we embody. Jupiter the ruler of Sagittarius exemplifies and amplifies our philosophical and spiritual needs, and urges us to expand our horizons through great courage, wisdom and faith. With great reverence and awe we experience this divinely majestic archetype at the Galactic Centre. These particular surges of energy are invoked within a 12 year cycle. Here we are ‘again’, 12 years later. How special is that! But that’s not all!
The energy that is coming through right now in the month of November carries great potential and hands out an invitation to bathe in cosmic vibes until February 2020 after Mercury, the Sun and Mars shower us with their star dust once they move through this cosmic space assisting us in our soul’s evolution.
What a privilege to be here now.

The Galactic Centre is connected to the Root Chakra and Kundalini energy. This weekend is a great time to meditate, to do breath work and join a Kundalini yoga class. Whatever you decide to do and be, feel the sacredness with every breath of fire, every movement that connects Spirit and Body and let the benevolent energies flow freely and lovingly…

Mercury just went direct at 11 degrees of Scorpio! Yeah, we did it again.. Well done everyone! Well well well, Mercury and Mars in Scorpio could dig up some buried secrets though and bring them out into the open.. Or we might gain deeper insights from within …
Mercury is coming close to a beautiful Trine with Neptune and the North Node inviting us to flow into the imaginary realms. Our senses might be heightened; Dreams might be more lively and deeply healing. Surrender and allow the travel into our multi-dimensional bodies…

The New Moon energies are of a non-linear nature… what we can dream of is already in our vibrational field. Let’s take a leap of faith, be courageous and allow the ‘core rage’ to come up and release it creatively. Chiron will assist in a beautiful Trine with the Luminaries, the Sun and the Moon.
Mars opposite Uranus might take us to the bottom of the barrel before it can be released… Breathing techniques will come as handy tools! Locals, check out the Breathers Community Wellness Centre in Devonport! They know their shit!
These earthquake, shake up energies might bring in sudden changes, unexpected opportunities… be ready, here and now for the magic to unfold!

At this New Moon, here in Australia on Wednesday, 27th of November in the very early morning hours, goddess Venus will move out of freedom loving Sagittarius into the ‘a little less fun’ sign of Capricorn. If she wants to party all night she might be more aware of ‘con sequences’ now plus she is busy and wants to have a good plan for long-term success… No more one-night stands as she knows of her worth and all the possible STDs out there… haha

In a cosmic and galactic nutshell “Manifest, manifest, manifest” and take a leap of faith. Be the master that you already are not the eternal student that you think you are. The time is now!

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