Bridging Spirit and Matter
For greater self love and empowerment of our Spiritual and Physical existence…

What is Gong Consciousness or ‘The Sweet Spot’ on our path of Wholeness?


The Gift of Gong Consciousness creates a Bi-hemispheric symmetry or Holistic Resonance that works deeply within us.
By playing the Gong, this divine instrument, the Gong Master connects with the ‘Guru Angel’ within, holding an intuition, chanting a Mantra that serves the Greatest Good for all.
It is like a channelling, an in-breath that invites the breath of life to enter and an out-breath that gently aids in releasing any conditioned and limiting structures that no longer serve us.
Based upon the teachings of Dane Rudhyar a disciple of Yogi Bhajan, Master Gong Player Don Conreaux who was taught by Yogi Bhajan,  shared his wisdom with me through a fiercely humerous love.
I am sharing this divinely channelled technique with you to assist you in your multi-dimensional existence, helping you to acknowledge, embrace and empower your manifested spirit nature. The intention of this sound journey is to create a bridge of love between Spirit and Matter, a deep honouring and empowerment of being.
Everyone will experience this voyage of the music of the spheres in different unique ways. As a general it can be said that it is an experience that can take us into a non-ordinary state of consciousness where our nets of senses intermesh under the power of the gong. A crossover happens, our brains synchronise within this holistic resonance. We might see colours, experience a feeling of levitation where auditory and visual interconnect… An embodied de-materialisation where we may disappear into Telepathic Coherence….




Setting an intention that is non-judgmental, not outcome focused but holistically neutral and for the greatest good of all, will assist this sacred process.

The intention can be universal and individual with no insistence and no attachment to the outcome. Our rational mind can be gently switched off and a deeper and knowing part within can ‘take over’ the role of being…

This inner voice of wisdom, also referred to as ‘The Guru Angel” will speak to us in a non-linear, vertical truth.

Love without attachment, unconditional and free.

Setting an intention will help us moving trough the astral plains… from the lower ghost realms into higher non-hierarchical spaces…


The Voice of the Great Mother is channelled by the Gong Master. This ‘SATYA PRAHA’ or ‘Truth Force’ will help to liberate our conditionings and limitations and free our sovereignty, empowering our response-ability in day to day life.
We may wish to develop a language of ‘The Beloved’… A whisper through which we may choose to fiercely and unapologetically voice our truth . We are ridding ourselves of a negative spiritual and material ego through a non-religious but spirited path of our soul’s evolution.
We may wish to allow ourselves to feel all feelings… anger, murderous rage, resentment, jealousy, fear of betrayal and abandonment, of unworthiness and other deeper, darker scales. It is ok to feel any of these feelings. Any seeming duality, any paradox always holds a midpoint, a divine place.. This is where the Sweet Spot’ can be explored and invited…

Maybe we can bring this consciousness into our moment-to-moment encounters with other human and animal beings. We are in choice in every present moment. The less we judge ourselves, the less we will judge others and we may start practicing a loving detachment where we are empathetic, not sympathetic, where we are freely choosing to share our gifts, teach others.

A true Master sees the Master in the Other. We are no longer students, we are all Masters, sovereign, noble and full of love.

A good sense of humour helps the process… a good belly laugh, a light-hearted and open approach in raising our own and collective consciousness.

Cyclic motion is defined by a repetitive series of fundamental relationships. Cyclic motion, especially when experienced as (or assumed to be) purposive and meaningful, operates as process. At any level of operation, a process has a beginning and an end, and between beginning and end a series of phases may be identified and defined. The more complex the process, the more numerous the phases. A repetitive series of phases constitutes the structure of the cyclic process — the archetype of the process.

~ Dane Rudhyar ~

“The Great Invocation”

From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.

From the center where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men –
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the center which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out.
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.
Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.”


~ Adapted from writings of Alice A. Bailey ~


‘Humanity’s destiny is to be the exponent of the mind of God, thus expressing active intelligence, motivated by love and implemented by will.’

The Mother Tone of AUM ~ Philosophy of Wholeness ~

Whatever is too relaxed lacks tone.
Metaphysically the most fundamental tension is that between spirit and matter — or in the “philosophy of Wholeness” I have developed, the tension between the Principle of Unity and the Principle of Multiplicity. The universe is the product of a creative release of power this tension generates. In terms of pure energy, this creative release is Sound. Because it communicates or carries out to the inert expanse of chaos (pure matter) the compassionate quality and purpose of spirit as the expression of the Principle of Unity, which religions personify as God, Sound manifests to the consciousness of spiritually illumined beings as one Fundamental Tone. It is the Tone of the One Life that fills the entire universe — One Life because it carries out the purpose of the Principle of Unity, or as mystics say, of “the One.”

~ Dane Rudhyar ~



“Concentrate on a tone, for within it you may discover the secret of being
And find the inner voice of the self.
AUM is the Great Gongtone of Life.”
~ Dane Rudhyar ~

A Gong is a Gong is a Gong …