Illumine the Liminal
~ Dancing with the River Walker Goddess ~

Natura, the Goddess of the balance of the elements is creative and formless and expresses sheer joy of existence. She honours herself and every creature that moves in, through and as her. She dances and moves in divine flow. She is the delightful knowing mother that allows herself to be the form and the formless. She embodies dignity, humility and utter strength through which she births fierce and radical action into being. She simply bathes her amorphous form within the centre of her being. This Centre or her midpoint beautifully opens and unfolds her creative potency with fanfare. She actualises her greatest potential in a present non-state of her alchemical blueprint and innate wisdom; always in choice, light-hearted and playful like a feather. Lila plays through her deep connection with the sacred. She is the beginning and the end together with all the rites of passage in between. Time and space are an illusion, everything merges and dissolves in divine non-state. She does not judge the form, the visible, the dynamic principles of the human body bound by fragile structures, limitations and mortality.