In the beginning there is the End
And this is without Name and Form
From the formless there comes the Formed
From the Atom of Ether there comes the Atom of Fire
From Fire Air, from Air Water, and from Water
There finally comes the Atom of the Earth
And from the Earth a Crystal, and from this the Mineral Kingdom
And from the Spiralling Dissolution of the Crystal
Comes the Cell, and from the Cell
The Colony, and from the Colony
The Kingdom of Plants and Animals
And the Kingdom of the Animals is Crowned
By the Kingdom of Man
And Man himself is Crowned withe the Tiara
Of Self-Reflective Awareness
By which all these Things may come to the Known
And this Crown, this Tiara of Self-Reflective Awareness
is itself but the Bottom Run of the Ladder of Divine Renewal
The Ladder by which the Power of the Eternal
Ascends and meets itself in the Light of the End