December, what a finale of a decade and of the year 2019!

Throughout the last 12 months, Jupiter in Sagittarius in his own benevolent domicile may have assisted us greatly as visionaries on our heroic journey.
Until the end of 2020 we will have Jupiter in the sign of the goat.
Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn is the last of the social planets, also referred to as “The Ring Pass-Not” or “The Circle Pass-Not”. We encounter a fear of separation, a contracting energy while the great gaseous planet Jupiter expands and shares his gifts and blessings.
Jupiter rises, expands, seeks to liberate himself; Saturn contracts, refines, and creates boundaries. The ordered nature of Saturn can help us greatly to achieve our goals and sets us up for long term success.

Jupiter will certainly bring his benefic qualities to the Saturn~Pluto conjunction.
‘The Wheel of Fortune’ is turning… In the sign of Capricorn we might be more aware of consequences and fortune becomes a matter of divine timing…
Over the last year we may have tapped more into source, the innate well of wisdom, our calling, our visions… In our meditations and reflective states of stillness we might feel a transformational sensation of our inner fire (‘pyre-a-mid’). Jupiter in Capricorn can bless and gift us with the necessary heat that fuels more grounded, structured and hands on projects.

While turning our own wheel we may feel a stronger sense of the outer world that carries us along on fate’s roundabout.
Jupiter, Zeus is associated with rolling thunder and lightning bolts and with fate. We might philosophise about fate, destiny and free will and how to find comfort within the unknown, with holding a vision and do our work step by step, moment to moment without attaching to the outcome …

In myth Jupiter (Zeus) was the youngest son of the Titans Saturn (Cronus) and Rhea. When he was born, his father Saturn intended to swallow him as he had all of Jupiter’s siblings: Poseidon, Hades, Hestia, Demeter and Hera. I am mentioning the mythological background as I feel that the Capricorn energy particularly the Saturn~Pluto conjunction engages us in the themes of power, overthrowing others, a possible fear of being devoured by outer worldly experiences. What do we choose? The power of love or the love of negatively expressed power?
A theme could be “Stepping into our own power without the urge to overpower others while we live our greatest potential”. A deep fear of being our own true self and who we wish to become more of could arise within us… Maybe it is an innate fear to be powerful beings beyond our conditioned beliefs and perceptions …

The Cosmic wheel will keep on turning throughout this year while Jupiter resides in the sign of the goat…
If we follow our calling in the present moment and act on it to the best of our abilities with no insistence on the outcome we can remain at the centre of the wheel …
The Greater Mysteries are awaiting us, strong and beautiful, initiated by the sacred flame of wisdom and insight!

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