To me this New Moon feels like a divine maturity where we wish to embody and integrate all the elements, the experiences and our re-membering of earthly and cosmic wisdom. This wisdom is here and now, we are present. Within this sacred presence we make plans, we are focused and set ourselves up for long term success and future choices that are radiating from our core.
I am the seed and the harvest, I am the Fool who feels liberated and aware of her free will. This passion and creative tension are the fuel, the eternal flame of wisdom that motivates us to remain focused and know ourselves as spiritual beings having a human experience.

The harmonious Trine to Saturn and the South Node might help us to put our time and energy toward the task that excites us just a little more and we feel enthusiastic and know of our own self-worth.
We may ask ourselves: “Where have I put my time and energy in so far and is this honouring me in the here and now and who I wish to become more of? Maybe it is time to push the RESET button and de-clutter outworn beliefs?

‘Tauranus’ (Uranus in Taurus) reminds us of the sacred in the mundane, blending and bridging what we may have severed and where we have separated spirit and matter.

The Sun (our light), Venus (our heart, beauty and grace), Mars (our courage), Mercury (the voice within), Juno (Goddess of sacred marriage) are holding space for our soul’s evolution.
With the opposition to Neptune in Pisces (squaring Jupiter), the veil between the worlds is thin. We are the midpoint between sacred chaos and divine order. We might receive more messages through our dreams. Neptune oversees the vast expanse of the collective unconscious and represents the archetypal process of surrender and sacrifice. Maybe the ‘sacrifice’ is in our thinking process… Can we surrender to our greatest excitements, stick to the task and feel at peace with not knowing and not insisting on the outcome. Can we dream our reality into existence in every moment…

In the Tarot Virgo, the Wise Virgin represents ‘THE HERMIT’, the IX card of the Major Arcana.
“The Great Mother holds the wheat in her left hand and disseminates the seeds with her right. She inspires us by tending the sacred flame like her Roman counterpart Vesta. Virgo is ancient and instinctual, craving sanctity and ritual in everyday life. She is premarital, unattached yet fertile and life giving.” ~ Brian Clark ~

This sacred cycle of the harvest might ask us to withdraw a little and allow the light and the dark of the luminaries and the sacred messages of the inner planets to come through our chosen embodied existence.

~ Blessings ~

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