To me it feels like an inner fight of survival, hierarchies, our feelings around authorities and a desire to lead and be in charge. This intense square which will be exact in about 12 hours might bring up old grievances and deeply buried feelings around having been overpowered, not having claimed our own authority and the role our father played in our lives.

Accompanied by strong Pisces themes and the magic of the Neptune Jupiter conjunction which will still work deeply inside of us until mid May, we are invited to let go, surrender, put down the sword, allow the flow of the magic of the moment to transform rigid concepts, abuse frequencies from the past… Past versus present… What, who and where is no longer serving me? What do I need to transform or how could it even be better?
I feel that our multidimensional self is birthing itself and wants to be birthed in big and bold ways, ways that are uniquely our own and not the conditioned, enslaved ones.
This square being at the last degree of Aries and Capricorn, the last time in our lifetime (next time in about 248 years) there is great lessons to be felt and integrated. To the ancients the vernal
equinox marked the rise of spring, fertility, and the reanimation of life. Aries is the leading sign in the zodiac while Capricorn marks the beginning of winter, the very end of the year.
The Vernal Equinox in the stars of Aries paralleled the gradual triumph of masculine values and is associated with the emperor’s conquest.
We have extremely powerful, masculine forces here that are working deeply within us particularly during this Full Moon energy where our inner masculine and feminine are re-evaluating our relationship patterns and the paradox of me versus the other.
With Pluto in the sign of Capricorn at the very last degree point (the degree of self-mastery) we meet a devouring and limiting aspect .
Where have I imprisoned my own creativity and potentialities? Where do I feel limited and defeated?
A collision occurred between the way of the father versus the way of the son, or the way of the authority versus the way of youth and our potential for rebirth. Growing pains are an image here.
This is what Dane Rudhyar has to say (“An astrological Mandala”)
29 degree point of Aries ~ THE MUSIC OF THE SPHERES
What the individual who has entered into a new realm of possibilities of action should learn is the harmonic principles operating in this realm. The individual advancing ‘on the path’ should seek to understand and realize his place in the vast scheme of mankind’s evolution, in the immense Chord of the harmony of the universe.