‘TAURANUS’ Uranus’ ingress into Taurus
~ “Holotropos” ~ Walking the path of wholeness ~

I am introducing my series called “Illumine the Liminal” where I will be shining light onto phases of threshold and how we may walk the journey less travelled and shine our own unique and individual light onto our path toward wholeness.
A wholeness that emerges within our microcosmic human existence in all ways intertwined with the collective consciousness that enriches through divine symbiosis birthing itself in beautiful synthesis.
We are in times of great change and adjustments where birth and death are one breath conjoined and apart from each other, where we know that we are dying to every moment and that the only constant is change.

In Myth, Ouranus, the Sky God, fathered children with Gaia, the Earth. Ouranus was not pleased with their creations and pushed his children back into the womb of the Earth. Gaia was in so much pain that she conspired with her son Chronus, Saturn to sever his father Ouranus’ genitals and cast them into the sea. Out of Ouranus’ genitals, out of the sea foam, Venus Aphrodite was born.
Ouranus shows us the symbolic meaning of initial chaos; A chaos in the sense of an awakening of creative forces within. In Tarot, Ouranus is represented by the Fool as an initiator of change, innocent and simultaneously reminding us of a severing, a castration from spirit into reality.

The ingress of the planet Uranus in Taurus is incredibly symbolic to me. Taurus, the bull is ruled by Venus and further emphasises this myth. Here we meet the masculine and the feminine archetype, we may encounter where we have been severing and cutting off our own inner bridge between spirit and matter.
How do we walk on planet Earth? Are we honouring our own nature or have we been living in denial of our own essence for some time?
We are invited to be on our heroic journey and we might feel that we can no longer disregard the emergence of our spirited way of being that embodies reverence of our human form.
The cosmic powers of Uranus are sudden, unexpected and in the sign of Gaia we could feel inner and outer earthquakes that shake and uproot us. Wherever Uranus shows up in your natal chart might indicate the area of your life where change is inevitable, where you feel like a rebel with or without a cause, where you seek freedom within and without.

The castrations and separations that we may experience under this influence over the next 7 years are certainly happening in our inner world. Maybe we know that by honestly and reverently looking at what is no longer serving us and what beliefs are outworn and ready to be let go off, we are liberated and in alignment with our essence.

Uranus in Taurus might show us that through surrendering, allowing the feminine principle, we can walk and take action (the masculine principle) our authentic path … heroically, innocently, courageously and with a sense of awe!

~ Many blessings ~