“I emerge and see” out of a seeming ‘Emergency’… Uranus, the revolutionary and first of the outer planets is a mover and shaker. We are asked to individuate, live our truth, connect to the greater self and our blue print potential. ‘TaUranus’ is Spirit brought into form, the sacred in the mundane and vice versa.

Today Jupiter and Uranus are stationing and whenever planets are stationary to go direct or into retrograde motion we can feel the tension more intensely.

Jupiter in its own sign of Sagittarius at 14 degrees is right on the degree of the ‘Great Attractor’. Philip Sedgwick has done incredible research on the Galactic Centre (27 degrees of Sagittarius) as well as the ‘Great Attractor’, a mysterious vortex of magnetism and gravity in which the Milky Way is located.
It’s about cosmic electromagnetic energies, Source and Creator energies that we might be feeling more profoundly this week.
Talking about electromagnetics… Uranus immediately comes to mind as the ruler of the nervous system, the brain synapses where neurons communicate with each other…
In addition to us adjusting to new frequencies, cosmic waves and gravitational magnetism, Mercury has now moved into Leo and will be squaring Uranus during the next 5 days…
We might feel more physical symptoms at the moment as we are fine-tuning Spirit and Matter … maybe more nervous tension, more anxiety… whatever we may experience it is important to be gentle with ourselves and keep following our greatest excitement with all the planets in Leo without attaching to any outcome and without taking anything personal.
Great shifts in consciousness are happening throughout this time of altered frequencies.
With Jupiter going direct in Sagittarius we might hear more news about space travel or feel a deep urge to travel to far places, maybe to study, and mostly to deepen our connection with Source as the creators that we are.

We are in the here and now, dynamic and static … seekers of truths and un-truths… awakening and re-membering the seeming opposites, the parts that have been severed, to join in unity consciousness…
We have the choice and the free will to be our most amazing and ecstatic synchronistic expression of every-thing and no-thing☺


“Who loves the dim religious light:
Who always keeps a star in sight?
An optimist both gay and bright –
~ Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter) ~

“Who gives to all a helping hand,
But bows her head to no command –
And higher laws doth understand?
Investor, Genius, Superman –
~ Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) ~