Excerpt from John Dee’s Hieroglyphic Monad

Theorem XIII
Is not the mystical character of MARS formed out of the hieroglyph for SUN and ARIES, along with the intervention of the elements (to some extent)? And VENUS, I ask—isn’t it formed by a fuller unfolding of the SUN and the Elements? Thus these planets look at the revolution of the SUN and its work of reviving with fire, in whose progress that other Mercury– — who is in reality the uterine twin of the first one [the Mercury of lunar character] is finally apparent. In the same way that the lunar and solar magic of the elements is completed, this hieroglyphic messenger speaks very clearly to us; we want to more attentively fix our eyes on him and listen to him. (BY THE WILL OF GOD) he is that most famous MERCURY of the Philosophers, MICROCOSM, and ADAM. Indeed, some very clever people used to put the SUN itself in his place and rank. This we cannot achieve in our present age, unless we put in charge of this work made of coral-gold, a certain SOUL who has been separated from his BODY by means of the Pyrognomic Art.


This act, however, is difficult to carry out and is also very dangerous because of the fire and the sulphuric vapor that arise from it. But one thing is certain: this SOUL will be able to achieve wonders, no doubt tying with indissolvable bands LUCIFE and even the FIRE BEING to the disc of the MOON—or at least of MERCURY—and in the third place (as they want it)—(in order to complete our SEPTERNARY number)—showing us the SUN of the PHILOSOPHERS. You see how exactly and openly the ANATOMY of our HIEROGLYPHIC MONAD corresponds to the SACRED MYSTERIES signified in both of these theorems [12 and 13].

Theorem XIIII
It has already been clearly confirmed that this whole Master Work depends upon the SUN and MOON, which is something the thrice-great HERMES once taught us when he asserted that the SUN is its father and the MOON its mother. We know with no doubt that it is nourished in the LEMNIAN EARTH by LUNAR and SOLAR rays which exert a singular influence around it.

Theorem XV
Consequently, we suggest to philosophers that they examine the labors of the SUN and the MOON around the earth; for instance, in what way the moon, while the SOLAR radiance is focused upon Aries, receives a new dignity of light in the nearest sign (namely Taurus) and is EXALTED above its innate powers. The old ones explained this proximity of the LUMINARIES (the most notable of all) by creating a certain mystical character with the distinguished name of TAURUS.This is very well known, in fact, to be the EXALTATION of the MOON and has been handed down all the way from the first age of the Human Race (among the teachings of the astronomers). Yet only those understand the mystery, who have become the absolute high-priests of the mysteries. For a similar reason, TAURUS is said to be the HOUSE of VENUS: indeed the house of pure and fertile conjugal love, since “Nature rejoices in Nature, as the great Ostanes concealed in his most secret mysteries.