Every Full Moon the Sun and the Moon, the divine pair Luna and Sol are in opposition. The Moon reflects the Sun’s light, illumines and shows us her richness and fullness… Astrologically the Moon measures and records the tides of our feeling world. Together with Neptune, the God of the Sea we are up for deeply mystical and inner processes that might stir the vastness of our being.

The veils are thin as the Moon Goddess approaches the planet Neptune where she merges and shares her ancient memory with the intuitive messages of the greater self… Luna and Neptune symbolize a strong balancing act at this Full Moon… taking off some of the heavy work loads of the Virgo energies. We might have been putting in many more hours and feel exhausted arriving at a seaming end in the sign of Pisces. We need to rest, reflect, surrender and show compassion towards ourselves and fellow kindred spirits. We may feel like we need some quiet time in solitude during this time of ‘re-membering’ parts of ourselves that we may have severed and neglected throughout the last weeks of human doing rather than being… We might feel some con-fusion…
Guidance comes through a deep surrender, intuition and through the symbolic magical realm.
This Neptunian Moon reminds us to detach from old patterns, habits, beliefs, perceptions and addictions that might have fed an eternal cycle of victimisation and martyrdom… We are in choice in every moment, we are whole and beautiful and nature shows us in every moment.
With this Full Moon we are going beyond the physical… We might feel somewhat frustrated, overwhelmed and exhausted and simultaneously we know that we are always in choice in every moment and maybe by suspending judgement and control we recognize unconscious patterns. Let us offer them to the Gods and Goddesses wrapped in beauty and grace.

Shortly after this Full Moon Saturn stations direct.. This slowing of motion contributes the finishing touches to what has been in gestation throughout this retrograde period. Conscious decision making might be on hold for a bit and we could feel frustrated, a blockage, a con-gestion..
Saturn is about con-sequence, time, the integration of karmic lessons as the Crone slowly starts her separation from the South node… what have we learned, how do we embody all the changes?
(I will write more about Saturn’s retrogradation cycle in my next energy update… )

Let us be hypnotised and enchanted by this Full Moon honouring and surrendering the moment, here, now, in our healthy and balanced physical body, our divine temple …

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