A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon, as she orbits Earth, passes directly in front of the Sun, obscuring its rays and casting a shadow onto the Earth’s surface. A Solar Eclipse can only occur on a New Moon. Today’s the day!
Eclipses are super-charged New Moons and Full Moons that bring about major endings and beginnings. Navigated consciously, Eclipses serve as transformational portals into new realities.
Today’s event is occurring against the backdrop of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction triggering life- and, world-changing events that have been brewing beneath the surface.

The choices we make and the steps we take during this Eclipse Season will have profound long-term consequences. Capricorn is about con-sequences, self-response-ability, being our own authority.

This New Moon is highly charged and full of potential, abundance and expansive energies as she teams up with Jupiter. Jupiter’s benevolence might strike us like a deeply embodied thunderbolt of confidence and universal truth.
A truth that might feel like a channeling of energies that we have been carrying for long… This New Moon in the domain of the planet Saturn conjoins with the South Node… Soul contracts may need to end, structures and outworn creations need to be transformed in order to live our greatest potential.

Even though New Moons are about beginnings, today we are birthing ourselves within waves and surges of energies that might feel like divine contractions. Situations, people, outer and inner constructs are ready to be transformed for good so we can walk our beauty way. We can no longer be in denial of death if we wish to birth our seed from the centre of our being and start nurturing this source with love and purity. With purity I mean our core connection with the All, where we no longer doubt and where we are at peace in the here and now.
A trine to Uranus in Taurus might bring up unexpected opportunities and situations that might take us in new directions… professional changes are highlighted …
The lunar Goddess will make a trine aspect to Asteroid Vesta, the Goddess of the hearth, keeper of sacred objects…. We might invite our kindred spirits and create a sacred space…

The Great Awakening is happening if we can allow it and love the fullness of this experience.

This is a Turning Point eclipse as the initiation energies of the New Moon Solar Eclipse pair up with the karmic endings of the South Node….

Know that you are at the right place at the right time and space in every moment as you gently and fiercely walk the path of YOUR greatest flow … flowing with the tides of existence…

~ May all beings be blessed with peace in their hearts and minds ~

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