Elemental Mists


Elemental Healing Mists are gentle vibrational healers from the Elemental Kingdom of Flowers, Plants and Minerals. They combine the power of vibrationary essences with the delicate fragrance of pure essential oils.


~ Karmina Gordon –  Creator of Elemental Mists ~

Naturopath, Herbalist, Kinesiologist, Aromatherapist, Angel Intuitive, Animal Dreaming Practitioner, Reiki Master, Earth Healer, and Sound Healer.

My passion is Healing through Flower and Vibrational Essences. I am blessed to be able to share my own beautiful range of Healing Mists called Elemental Mists which resonate with the Elemental and Angelic Realms. I use them to bring deep emotional healing to my clients…

Available Mists to balance Body, Mind and Spirit

What are Elemental Mists

What is a Flower Essence?
A Flower Essence is created by working with the energy of the Elemental realm.
When you ask the Elemental realm to co-create a Healing Essence, the elemental of the plant infuses the water with it’s Spirit. This becomes the spark that ignites all the healing potential of the Healing Essence.
During the meditation with the plant they also share the personal healing properties that this particular Essence will have. Flower Essences have no smell and are Vibrational Medicine. The flowers are prepared by soaking in Spring water for a period of time. Some essences are prepared in the sunlight, some in the moonlight and some in both. The quality of the light imparts a different vibration to each essence. The flowers are selected using the “doctrine of signatures”, colour, petal shape, number of petals and growth habit. Each of these factors also infuses the essence with a different property for healing. All the Elemental Mists Flower Essences are made by Karmina Gordon from plants that are grown on her property.

What is an Essential Oil?
Essential Oils made by distilling with steam or cold pressing flower or leaves to obtain the oil which has a distinct aroma. Each plant has a specific oil composition depending on the family it belongs to, where it has grown and the conditions it has grown in. Essential Oils can be used in different ways. In aromatherapy massage, they are applied to the body where they have a physical effect on the body. They can also be used by inhalation. The smell goes directly to the emotional parts of the brain and effects the brain/body connection. We only need molecules to effect change this way. Karmina distills some of the Essential Oils to make Elemental Mists from plants grown on her property, others are sourced as locally as possible and organically where possible.

What are Elemental Mists?
Elemental Mists combine the vibrational healing of the Flower Essence with the aromatic healing principles of Essential Oils. The base of each remedy is the Flower Essence, then I add only 1 to 3 drops of pure Essential Oil. The Essential Oil is chosen to enhance The Remedy by allowing us to easily receive the Healing, activating all our senses. They work in alignment with the Chinese meridian system and chakra energy to help clear emotional blocks and bring balance to the body.

​Use in Pregnancy and with Medications
There is only a small amount of Essential oil in each remedy 2-3 drops less than 1%, this is then diluted as each spray only delivers 0.2ml . They are used externally and don’t have to touch the skin to work effectively. If you are pregnant, on medication or have a health condition, the best way to use them is to mist gently around the feet and Earth Star Chakra. They can be used over clothes. . You don’t need to smell them for them to work.

How do Healing Mists Work?
Healing Mists work in the body’s subtle energy fields of the Auric Field, Chakra Fields and Meridian Channels. They help us move through emotional blocks gently, allowing our Body to begin the healing Process.

To Use, simply mist around the body, or over a Chakra or meridian point and allow the Mist to settle gently into the body’s subtle energy fields.

Say the Mantra on the Healing Card 3 times. Repeat this for a least 7 Days.

Elemental Mists can also be used on Pendants, Jewellery, Pillows, In Cars and Oil Burners.
To use on candles, mist the candle once before lighting.
Specific instructions for your Healing Mist is found on the back of each Healing Card.

When to use a Healing Mist?
Healing mists can be used whenever you feel there is emotional clearing to be done because Flower Essences will always bring balance to the body, you cannot overdose, you will simply feel you do not need to use the Healing Mist when it has done its work.

How do I choose which one I need?
Your Healing Mists can be selected by using the Healing Cards, Intuition, Feelings or Kinesiology.

The Healing Cards
To use the Healing cards for selection, simply think of the issue that you would like to be cleared and allow yourself to choose a card. You will be drawn to the right card for the situation.

Your Intuition
Allow your intuition to guide you to the right Healing Mist. Tune into the pictures of the flowers, the words on the cards or  bottles or the colours, something will jump out at you.

Your Feelings
Notice how each card makes you feel, if it makes you feel the way you want to feel then it is the right one for you.


Blended Mists

Blended Mists bring together more than one Flower Essence, Crystal Elixirs, Sound Healing Vibrations and Elemental Connections .

Each of the Essences and Elixirs have been created by me (Karmina Gordon) over the years and seasons with focus and attention to the timing of Celestial Events, Earth Vibrations and Inner Personal Journeying.

The Essential Oils that complement the Mists are 100% pure. No synthetic fragrances are used. The dilution is called a vibrational dilution as only a very small amount of essential oils are used ( less than 1 %).  This honours the plants by using only what we need to get the connection to the oil. It keeps the fragrance soft and gentle allowing us to deeply immerse ourselves in the Mist.



Meridian Mists

Balancing Body, Mind and Spirit


Balance – Yin Central Meridian

Strength – Yang Governing Meridian

Confidence – Kidney Meridian

Intuition – Bladder Meridian

Adaptability – Gall Bladder Meridian

Resolution – Liver Meridian

Abundance – Heart Meridian

Joy – Small Intestine Meridian

Creativity – Pericardium Meridian

Receptivity – Triple Warmer Meridian

Energy – Spleen Meridian

Harmony – Stomach Meridian

Inspiration – Lung Meridian

Release – Large Intestine Meridian

​The 5 Element Meridian Mists are a Collection of 14 Mists that work to Bring Harmony and Balance to the 14 Meridians in the Body. They were created from my years of experience working with the 5 Element Theory through Kinesiology. They work with the Chinese Cycle of 5 Elements and the Chinese Meridian system. They are Vibrational Tools and are a blend of  Vibrational Flower Essences and Pure Essential Oils. 

They can be activated by Misting into the Auric Field which then allows the Mists Energy to pulse through the Meridian Channels and the Chakra System.
I have observed and interacted with the Flowers for these  Essences over a period of years and continually re-meditate with them each time I make a batch of new Mists to bring in new energy and new insights.

The Essential Oils that complement the Flower Essences are 100% pure, and only a very small amount is used ( less than 1 %) allowing the spiritual vibration of the Oils to Enhance the Flower Essence and uplift our spirits with their light Fragrance.

Each Meridian Mist comes with the Healing card to enhance the healing experience.
You will feel the powerful connection to these remedies, which are used to Balance Meridian Energy, gently lift unwanted emotional states and guide us toward the positive flow of Creation.